I Quit. Why I dumped Fantasy Sports

Fantasy leagues. I tried, but I can’t do it. I played Fantasy Football for years – always drafting as many Detroit Lions as I possibly could. I played Fantasy hockey for a few years, too. Though it’s harder to draft a team full of Detroit Red Wings,because EVERYBODY wanted Red Wings players. They freaking rock. Who doesn’t want Zetterberg or Datsyuk on their team? (“You ain’t got to lie, Craig, you ain’t got to lie.” – quote from the movie Friday.)

Why did I want to fill my teams with players from my favorites teams? It was an ignorant strategy. Because my fantasy success relied on one team – and when the Lions went 0-16, it wasn’t really a team I wanted to rely on, ya know what I mean? ***Although, a few guys did put up good fantasy numbers…they just lost every game. So why can’t I play anymore? Because I’m a bad drafter? Because I’m a sore loser? NO.

Baseball in Detroit

I can’t play anymore because I CANNOT ROOT AGAINST MY TEAMS. For any reason. I couldn’t root for the quarterback on my fantasy team to put up amazing numbers if that quarterback is playing the Lions. I felt torn. Like a traitor. It physically hurt me to root against my teams. I’d get chest pains. I’m not kidding. Chest pains from panic attacks. OVER FANTASY SPORTS!?!?!

It wasn’t worth it. And as a blogger in the Romancing the Jock am a much happier person now that I don’t have to worry about: remembering to set my line-up, change out hurt players, and root against my favorite teams. I can’t say the chest pains have gone away. I still get those, because I’m a nervous Nelly. But it’s better than being a Benedict Arnold. Do you play fantasy sports? What are your strategies? Do you root against your favorite team for fantasy?