Second New Era in My Sports Romance Writing

Last fall I left my publisher in order to self-publish. The last book in my Seattle Lumberjacks football series came out in November 2014. It killed me to walk away from the series of my heart, but there are times when a person has to make the painful choices in order to further their career. There are many reasons why I chose to self-publish, the biggest of all being control–absolute, complete control over my destiny, my books, and my career. I had come to realize I could do this publishing thing better than any publisher I’d had to date. In fact, not only was I savvier than most of my former publishers, but no one would care about my books as much as me, the author, would. That sounded a bit like something  for the Football wish list, except for the fact that it had no connection for football.

I have not regretted my decision for even one tiny second. Going indie is tons of work with lots of rewards and some bumps along the way, but they’re bumps of my creation, not my publisher’s. One year ago, my indie Game On in Seattle series debuted with a hockey romance, Skating on Thin Ice, followed by four other hockey romances. I introduced a set of three estranged brothers who play professional sports, one hockey, baseball, and football in Melting Ice, the story of the oldest brother to be followed by stories of the other two brothers.

Hockey field in the US

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