This seems to be the season for NFL backup quarterbacks to show their stuff. Unfortunately, none of them have exactly shone despite Luke McCown’s adorable Verizon ad that maybe they might. I did think he did a fair job replacing Drew Brees for a short time, but the young receivers just couldn’t hold on to his tosses. With Brees back, McCown has been serving as ball holder which led to a delightful trick play in which the kicker pulled his kick, McCown rose and heaved the ball to Ben Watson standing nearly in the end zone for a touchdown. That might be his last touchdown of the year, but I did enjoy it.  Of course, I watch a lot of LSU football, too, and Les Miles, part of my Christmas Football Wish list,  just loves the trick play–even when one isn’t needed early in the game. Sometimes, I borrow them for plays in my football novels.

American football player vs rhino

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