A Merry Christmas Football Wish List

Like all of you at this time of year, I am slammed with things to do for the holidays: presents to buy, decorations to put up, parties to attend, and baking to complete. Add in finishing up edits for a spring release, A Will of her Own, with the galley looming ahead to correct and well, an author barely has time to write a blog. I control all this chaos by making lists, lots of lists, and with the college football season at an end except for playoffs and bowl games and pro ball in its last month, I thought I’d make a football wish list.

College game

For grass eating Les Miles, coach of LSU–a really good quarterback instead of two mediocre ones. He got to keep his job, so that wish is already checked off.

For Mark Richt, formerly coach of Georgia–I was going to wish him a soft landing somewhere. Already happened. He’s off to the Florida Hurricanes.

For Jimmy Graham–get well soon. We still miss you in New Orleans, honey. He almost made it in the Romancing the Jockey list of the 2017 sexiest sportsmen.

For Marcus Mariotta–a better team.

For Drew Brees–a offense that will protect him and a defense that will defend.

For Johnny Manziel–maturity and commonsense. Maybe the Cowboys can make a man of him.

For the Saints–to do the impossible and beat the Panthers this week. Yeah, I know. Not gonna happen, and so…

For Cam Newton–show some humility in the end zone, please. Yes, you a gifted athlete, but some modesty would become you.

For the Packers–a return to your former glory. They showed a spark of it in that Hail Mary to win the game against the Lions. Let’s fan that spark into a flame.

My husband wants to add:

For the Browns–please win a game, any game, or at least lose in a less humiliating manner than this week’s Kick Six. For the Ravens and Steelers–coal in their stockings. He’s never forgiven the Browns for moving to Baltimore and changing their name and just hates the Steelers on principle. He’s from Ohio. At least he still has Ohio State. That’s my list. I don’t follow all teams by any means. Please feel free to add to it with your own comments and wishes for your favorites or unfavorites. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah, and Festivus, too. Wishing I haven’t offended anyone!