Why We Love Sportsmen

Athletic men tend to be attractive to women since we’re impressed by aesthetics. We also appreciate that handsome men, well dressed men are also attractive to women since we’re impressed by aesthetics. Athletic men also usually attract women who prefer men who show they have high levels of testosterone, take care of their health, have long-term goals, high degrees of self control and high stress tolerance. Athletic men often, but not always, date women who are passionate about fitness, health and/or aesthetics. Of course, not all women love jocks. Some care more about a man’s values, hobbies and passions and yet others who find muscles or the lean and toned look attractive. However men look and even if the she’s attracted to a jock, she will lose interest if the man is socially awkward or boring or lazy, rude or arrogant.

Generally speaking, it’s younger women who consider looks and muscles to be more important than anything else in a man. This can be due to a number of reasons including peer pressure as handsome athletic men are considered ‘high status’ from teenage years through to college/university and are therefore desired by most women in their peer group. Some women’s views may be shaped by media expectations, or as some women would state, because they have good taste. Women love sportsmen because they are dedicated and strong. Men who are good at sport become athletic or fit for their sport, not just to attract women and that in itself is attractive since some sportsmen just do not realise just how handsome they are. Dressing and grooming well is also attractive with a fit physique. Women also love sportsmen who have healthy self-esteem without being arrogant and sportsmen with good social skills make us weak at the knees.