Past and Future

I have the first RTJ blog of the new year, and so I feel I must pontificate on the year past and make my predictions for the future. Warning: I rarely choose a winner in any match.

Serena Williams

Take Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year. I was pulling for American Pharoah. Serena Williams won. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that Serena is a strong, beautiful woman who has changed the course of tennis–and has legs to die for, but tennis phenoms come and go.  We haven’t had a Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Of course, I chose his stablemate Dortmund to win the Derby, but Pharoah has won me over. I recently toured the Irish Stud Farm where breeding stallions are kept behind double fences lest they attack tourists coming into their territory. I understand Pharoah will accept a carrot or nose rub from anyone. Awww. While there, the guide also said the reason the horse raced beyond the Triple Crown was because his breeding rights had been sold while the current owner could continue to collect purses on his racing. Regardless, Pharoah remained uninjured and has gone on to a life as a stud in green pastures. The honor of Sportsperson of the Year would have meant nothing to him. Besides, Serena gave the better interview, complex and revealing.

My predictions for the future include the Super Bowl and the college championship. I don’t say I’ve watched every college bowl game, but those I have were boring to all but fans of the winning team. LSU pummeled A & M (I did enjoy that) in the Texas Bowl. Alabama trampled Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl, and Clemson did the same to their opponent in the Orange Bowl.  Clemson and Alabama move on to the finals. I predict Bama will win. Great coach, great team, but I will root for Clemson. See, I’ve just put my curse on Nick Saban (it’s an LSU fan thing). As for the Super Bowl, I foresee the Panthers and the Patriots. Cam Newton finally got a dose of humility from the lowly Falcons this past weekend, but he has a young team and is a superb athlete whether I like him not. Reminds me of the Seahawks two year back, though I do like Russell Wilson very much.  I think the Panthers will win the Super Bowl, but my support goes to age and experience and Tom Brady who really doesn’t need another ring as I am well aware. We shall see how these predictions turn out.  Did I actually pick winners or merely curse those who might have won? Your thoughts on Sportperson of the Year, the Super Bowl, or the college championship are welcome here. I am laying my thoughts in this blogpost so check it out.