Caught By You

Quick: name a sports event a family of four can attend for under $40, where you can chat with future superstars as if they were your neighbors, where the kids will be entertained with events like a Salute to Bubble Wrap. Any guesses? Welcome to the one-of-a-kind world of Minor League Baseball.

Have you ever attended a minor league game? Or have you seen the classic movie Bull Durham? If you have, you know that the game itself is just part of the fun. You also get wacky promotions like the previously mentioned Salute to Bubble Wrap, when everyone in attendance simultaneously pops a square of bubble wrap. Or Spam Carving Night. Because who wouldn’t want to see a Schnauzer carved from spam? How about Mullet Night or Useless Talent Night? Or the Backwards Race around the warning track, with a pit stop of beer? In the minors, it’s all about showing the crowd a good time.

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