Who are we?

Welcome to Romancing the Jock, a blog written by Jenna, Kaitlin and Alex that celebrates all that is good about men in sport. We’re all keen sports fans and like to keep fit too, Jenna plays ice hockey, Alex was a cheer leader until she got married and Kaitlin is an avid fan of her baseball team, the New York Yankees. We are three good friends that have known each other since high school. At a time when most other girls had posters of pop stars on their bedroom walls, our posters were of Pete Sampras, Utah Jazz or Derek Jeter. We are also hopeless romantics like most girls. We always dream of that prince on a white horse that will stand on one knee and turn the world around us. We, the girls from Romancing the Jock, are really fans of girl things like those on valentinesgiftsforher.com.au. The listed ideas on this site are the most romantic we have ever seen.

Perfect match

You are probably like us (Romancing the jock has plenty of followers!), wanting someone strong, protective (but not possessive), adventurous, funny, intelligent and hopefully with good looks. We believe that a man who enjoys taking part in sports and enjoys the great outdoors could be just the person you are looking for. It’s not all about organised sport. Those who enjoy hunting, shooting and fishing as sports will have survival skills that you would need in a crisis. Having a man who knows not only how to survive the elements but can also find food, will keep you safe and well taken care of if you’re ever stuck in the wilderness.

Attributes of a jock

All sports people are dedicated. They do not give up when things get difficult and they appreciate the value of dedication. This is a good skill to bring into any relationship. They can also deal with the unexpected without panicking, being flexible enough to meet demands and move on for the best conclusion as part of a team. All sports men are in good shape. They may not boast about it or swagger around the gym, but to be the top of their game, they will be muscular. Even sports betting is sometimes sexy – men wearing suits in high end Vegas casino playing poker and winning amazing sums in no time. Well, this will make a lot of girls melt!

Man training

Our jocks

I used to believe that a beefy body-builder made a real man, but now I know that for me, a man I most admire is one that loves a challenge, and that includes speeding round the rink, fearlessly defending his goal. That’s the sort of strength and protectiveness I look for, I want someone who’ll walk with me through life and always have my back.

– Jenna 

I think there’s something really special about a man who can work within a team to achieve the best possible results. To create such entertainment that the stadium are on their feet. It’s a heady mix when you’re watching the wins, but also you get the measure of the man when the team isn’t doing so well. To see the support they give, no harsh words, no gossip. That’s a strength and I think it’s important that a man has his support group just as I have my group of girls to keep me happy.

– Kaitlin

I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and since I met my husband at a game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (his team), we’ve had a healthy rivalry any time our teams meet again. We attend as many games as we can and have friends over to watch the match, which creates a good atmosphere. It was clear that when we decided to get married that we would have to have a football themed wedding if we were going to be true to ourselves. My bridesmaids wore black dresses with jewellery in their favourite football team colours and the groomsmen did the same for their ties. The flower girls were cheerleaders and the ring-bearer wore a football jersey. Our guests were encouraged to come dressed in the colours of their favourite team too. I am also supprorting since quite recently Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrind – soccer team in Spain – as I think he is amazing athlete!

– Alex

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Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any questions or need assistance. Just send us a message to HELLO (AT) ROMANCINGTHEJOCK (DOT) COM


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