Top 10 Sexiest Sportsmen 2017

As this is a blog where we write about our support and devotion for men in sports and our support for the sports teams too, we have created a list of the top 10 sexiest sportsmen from 2017. These are not all boyish young things, with the unsurprising entry of David Beckham reaching 42 years of age in 2017. We hope you agree with our choices. Ladies impressed by athletes will definitely appreciate this list.

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Why We Love Sportsmen

Athletic men tend to be attractive to women since we’re impressed by aesthetics. We also appreciate that handsome men, well dressed men are also attractive to women since we’re impressed by aesthetics. Athletic men also usually attract women who prefer men who show they have high levels of testosterone, take care of their health, have long-term goals, high degrees of self control and high stress tolerance. Athletic men often, but not always, date women who are passionate about fitness, health and/or aesthetics. Of course, not all women love jocks. Some care more about a man’s values, hobbies and passions and yet others who find muscles or the lean and toned look attractive. However men look and even if the she’s attracted to a jock, she will lose interest if the man is socially awkward or boring or lazy, rude or arrogant. Continue reading “Why We Love Sportsmen” »

Past and Future

I have the first RTJ blog of the new year, and so I feel I must pontificate on the year past and make my predictions for the future. Warning: I rarely choose a winner in any match.

Serena Williams

Take Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year. I was pulling for American Pharoah. Serena Williams won. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that Serena is a strong, beautiful woman who has changed the course of tennis–and has legs to die for, but tennis phenoms come and go.  We haven’t had a Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Of course, I chose his stablemate Dortmund to win the Derby, but Pharoah has won me over. I recently toured the Irish Stud Farm where breeding stallions are kept behind double fences lest they attack tourists coming into their territory. I understand Pharoah will accept a carrot or nose rub from anyone. Awww. While there, the guide also said the reason the horse raced beyond the Triple Crown was because his breeding rights had been sold while the current owner could continue to collect purses on his racing. Regardless, Pharoah remained uninjured and has gone on to a life as a stud in green pastures. The honor of Sportsperson of the Year would have meant nothing to him. Besides, Serena gave the better interview, complex and revealing. Continue reading “Past and Future” »

What A Fine Mess That Was

Anyone remember the comedy duo Laurel & Hardy? Many of you might not as they were making movies way before even this old chicken-herding Rangers fan was alive. For those who do recall the classic comedy duo, you’re likely to remember that Ollie would say to Stan, after the doo-doo had hit that fan, “Well…here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”

The NHL was sort of in a Laurel & Hardy situation recently. The problem they had on their hands revolved around the 2016 All-Star Game and John Scott, a grinder who played for the Arizona Coyotes at the time fan voting for the ASG was taking place. Mr. Scott has played for eight years in the league and has eleven points to his name. He’s no Sidney Crosby but he does the job that he is hired to do, which is add a physical element when needed. He’s not the only player who plays such a role, although the era of the intimidator is waning as speed and skill are sought after more than grit and fisticuffs in the NHL today.

Read more about Andrew Ladd from the NHL.


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Second New Era in My Sports Romance Writing

Last fall I left my publisher in order to self-publish. The last book in my Seattle Lumberjacks football series came out in November 2014. It killed me to walk away from the series of my heart, but there are times when a person has to make the painful choices in order to further their career. There are many reasons why I chose to self-publish, the biggest of all being control–absolute, complete control over my destiny, my books, and my career. I had come to realize I could do this publishing thing better than any publisher I’d had to date. In fact, not only was I savvier than most of my former publishers, but no one would care about my books as much as me, the author, would. That sounded a bit like something  for the Football wish list, except for the fact that it had no connection for football.

I have not regretted my decision for even one tiny second. Going indie is tons of work with lots of rewards and some bumps along the way, but they’re bumps of my creation, not my publisher’s. One year ago, my indie Game On in Seattle series debuted with a hockey romance, Skating on Thin Ice, followed by four other hockey romances. I introduced a set of three estranged brothers who play professional sports, one hockey, baseball, and football in Melting Ice, the story of the oldest brother to be followed by stories of the other two brothers.

Hockey field in the US

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A Merry Christmas Football Wish List

Like all of you at this time of year, I am slammed with things to do for the holidays: presents to buy, decorations to put up, parties to attend, and baking to complete. Add in finishing up edits for a spring release, A Will of her Own, with the galley looming ahead to correct and well, an author barely has time to write a blog. I control all this chaos by making lists, lots of lists, and with the college football season at an end except for playoffs and bowl games and pro ball in its last month, I thought I’d make a football wish list. Continue reading “A Merry Christmas Football Wish List” »

The Thrill of Victory

In a recent article for The Players Tribune, Toronto Blue Jays right fielder, Jose Bautista took the media, and others, to task for criticizing his reaction (flipping his bat) to hitting a three-run, game and series winning home run against the Texas Rangers in the ALDS playoffs. Was it the first or even the best bat flip ever? I don’t think so. Sam Dyson, the Rangers Pitcher who threw the historic pitch to Bautista made the following comment regarding the incident.

Jose needs to calm that down, just kind of respect the game a little more. He’s a huge role model for the younger generation that’s coming up playing this game, and I mean he’s doing stuff that kids do in Wiffle ball games and backyard baseball. It shouldn’t be done.”

Baseball pitch

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This seems to be the season for NFL backup quarterbacks to show their stuff. Unfortunately, none of them have exactly shone despite Luke McCown’s adorable Verizon ad that maybe they might. I did think he did a fair job replacing Drew Brees for a short time, but the young receivers just couldn’t hold on to his tosses. With Brees back, McCown has been serving as ball holder which led to a delightful trick play in which the kicker pulled his kick, McCown rose and heaved the ball to Ben Watson standing nearly in the end zone for a touchdown. That might be his last touchdown of the year, but I did enjoy it.  Of course, I watch a lot of LSU football, too, and Les Miles, part of my Christmas Football Wish list,  just loves the trick play–even when one isn’t needed early in the game. Sometimes, I borrow them for plays in my football novels.

American football player vs rhino

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Caught By You

Quick: name a sports event a family of four can attend for under $40, where you can chat with future superstars as if they were your neighbors, where the kids will be entertained with events like a Salute to Bubble Wrap. Any guesses? Welcome to the one-of-a-kind world of Minor League Baseball.

Have you ever attended a minor league game? Or have you seen the classic movie Bull Durham? If you have, you know that the game itself is just part of the fun. You also get wacky promotions like the previously mentioned Salute to Bubble Wrap, when everyone in attendance simultaneously pops a square of bubble wrap. Or Spam Carving Night. Because who wouldn’t want to see a Schnauzer carved from spam? How about Mullet Night or Useless Talent Night? Or the Backwards Race around the warning track, with a pit stop of beer? In the minors, it’s all about showing the crowd a good time.

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